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Tips For Great Looking Gemstone Jewelry


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  • Do your best to not use hair spray, perfume, and household cleaning solutions and other chemicals around your jewelry. Take off your gemstone rings before putting on hand lotions and creams.
  • Some gemstones like turquoise, pearls, coral, opals, and amber are heat sensitive. This means that you should avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures and sudden temperature changes.
  • Avoid wearing pearls, opal, turquoise and other porous stones around dirty water and oils as this may cause discoloration in the stones. The best way to keep these gemstones looking their best is to clean them gently with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Use caution when using ultrasonic cleaners. Although diamonds- the hardest gemstone- are normally okay to use in an ultrasonic cleaner, if the stone has a fizure or crack, the ultrasonic cleaner can fracture it. Definitely do not place emeralds or tanzanite jewelry in an ultrasonic.
  • The best way to clean most gemstone jewelry is to use a soft brush, mild dish soap (like Dawn) and warm water. Be sure to scrub the jewelry gently over a bowl or container- doing so over the sink risks losing the piece down the drain!