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Redesign a Ring


One of your rings keeps losing a gemstone.  Worst yet is that it’s not any old ring; it’s your favorite ring- your Mother’s Ring with all your kid’s birthstones. You want to keep wearing it, but it looks funny with a stone missing. What do you do?

You could decide to simply have the stone replaced with a new one. The problem with this solution is that there is a reason the stone fell out in the first place. If you have lost a diamond or gemstone from the same ring more than once, I would encourage you to look into a new style of setting.

A client recently brought in his wife’s Mother’s Ring that has lost stones over the years. He didn’t want her to have to keep replacing the gemstones, so he asked us to create a new redesigned ring to protect the stones from falling out. We selected a style where the birthstones are channel set. A channel setting is one of most secure and protective setting options since a “channel” is formed by two strips of precious metal. These two strips have grooves in them that hold the gemstones or diamonds securely in place. Unlike the client’s prior setting that was prong set, the new channel setting’s walls will protect the edges of the stones from being nicked, scratched, or even the gemstone falling out in the future.

Creating a new ring with your old diamonds or gemstones is also a great opportunity to change the design. This client decided to add his and his wife’s birthstones as well as a diamond to symbolize their marriage. Below is the original ring and the new redesigned Mother’s Ring. Although the design is not drastically different the gemstones and diamond are more secure and the couple were able to add more symbolic gemstones. Best of all the client’s wife is very happy with her new ring!

ring with stones out of it, aquamarine and peridot ring with stones missing

         Original Mother’s Ring

redesign ring, replace gemstones in ring, change ring design, mothers day ring

   New Redesigned Mother’s Ring