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Jewelry Duplication

Ever see a piece of jewelry and want it, but can’t find it anywhere? What about earrings you wish to wear but lost the other part of the pair? Or, how about that family ring you love but don’t want to risk wearing the original? We have the solution!

We can duplicate* almost any piece of jewelry for you. The new jewelry item can be created using a piece you currently have, a picture of the piece you wish to duplicate, or a mixture of the two.

• See below contact form for more about our process, pricing, timing, and frequently asked questions •

Duplicate Existing Jewelry

When one just isn’t enough

Having the original jewelry piece present allows for the closest duplication.

Vintage Family Engagement Ring

Lost Triple Ball Earring

Inexpensive Copy of Valuable Jewelry

Replicate Jewelry from a picture

Turn a Dream into reality

Create a very close replication or altered design from a picture*.

online picture inspired wedding band
replicate jewelry from picture, create custom jewelry from picture, replace lost ring

Personal Picture of Lost Anniversary Ring

Designed from customer sketch
sketch design ring, jewelry from a drawing, custom jewelry sketch

Finished product pictures provided by BePelky Photography.

*Client is responsible for making sure desired jewelry duplication does not infringe on any copyrights.

• See below contact form for more about our process, pricing, timing, and frequently asked questions •

Redesign or Duplicate Your Own Jewelry

Contact us today to make your dream a reality


More Information

Step 1: Consultation

Share your thoughts on the design with us. Describe how you wish the finished piece to look and feel. We will ask questions about metal type, gemstone quality, finger size, etc. to ensure we understand what you looking for. We will then send you an estimate based on the items discussed.

Step 2: Agreement and Deposit

You will receive a Custom Jewelry Agreement detailing the scope of the custom design that you may review and sign digitally. Because of the custom nature of the piece, we kindly ask for a 50% deposit that you may pay via PayPal before we start the design work.

Step 3: Design Work

Sit back and relax as we craft a CAD drawing or wax model of the jewelry piece.

Step 4: Design Review and Approval

You will be shown CAD images or a wax model of your jewelry piece. If there are adjustments you wish to make, you may do so during this step. Upon your approval of the design we will start creating the actual piece.


We will cast the jewelry piece, carefully hand-set each gemstone, and then conclude the creation process by polishing and finishing the piece to perfection.

STEP 6: Balance and delivery

We will send you a picture of the finial piece along with an invoice for the balance owed. Upon receipt of payment we will ship your special jewelry item via UPS 2nd Day  to your select address (other shipping options are available). Note: an adult signature will be required for delivery.


The overall price of the piece depends on the complexity of the design, materials used, and the labor incurred. We will provide you with an estimate on the costs after the consultation portion of the design process.

Custom Design Charge

The custom design charge is $295 for most designs. Some all-metal jewelry items, such as wedding bands, either do not have a custom design charge or the charge is under $75. In the rare case that your design is more complex and needs multiple elements designed and assembled the custom design charge may increase to $375 or more. Excessive design changes or total redesign will incur a $75 or more additional charge (this is not normal).


We only use high quality precious metals: sterling silver, white/yellow/rose gold, platinum, and palladium. The price of the metal will be determined by the weight of the finished piece. We also offer a large range of genuine, lab created, or imitation diamonds and gemstones to fit both your visual and budget desires. We can also set your own stone(s).


This covers the cost to set any diamonds and/or gemstones the piece may have. Additionally, it includes the polishing and finishing processes needed to have your finished piece looking bright and beautiful. Multi-piece designs will have increased labor cost for creation and assembly.


Typically the design process from start to finish is 12 to 15 business days- sometimes less. This can increase with complex designs or requests for multiple design revisions to the CAD or wax model. Our standard shipping is UPS 2nd Day which will add another day or two depending on your location. Overnight Saver and Overnight Priority shipping speeds are optional.

Can you design a piece for me even if I don’t live near York, PA?

Most definitely! We have clients from all over the United States, and will work with international clients as well (shipping and customs not included in quote). The design process can all be done by email and phone (or Skype, if you prefer). Plus, we will provide updates throughout the process to keep you informed on your custom piece’s status.

How Much do your services cost?

The normal custom design charge is $295 plus cost of materials and labor. See the “Pricing/Timing” tab above for more information.

How Long Does it Take?

Our custom design process is usually 12 to 15 business days plus shipping. See the “Pricing/Timing” tab above for more information.

Can you create jewelry from a picture?

Yes, we can! Most times we can get a good idea of what you are looking for from a picture and physical description you provide. Overall, clear, non-blurry pictures showing multiple angles of the jewelry item are the best. Adding an item for scale, such as a dime or metric ruler, are very helpful.

What do you need in order to give me a quote?

To provide the most accurate estimate, please provide the following:

1) A picture or detailed description of the item
2) Your desired metal type: sterling silver, 10K – 14K – 18K white/yellow/rose gold, platinum, or palladium.
4) General idea of what level of quality of gemstones: genuine, lab created, or imitation
5) Your finger size

What Can you duplicate?

Many jewelry items can be duplicated. The easiest to duplicate are rings. We can duplicate most earrings, but not all. The earring’s complexity of design and assembly plays a major factor in its ability to be replicated or not. Also, hollow earrings (and other items) are hard to duplicate. We can usually recreate them as solid pieces, but this will add to their weight and cost. It is hard to create link bracelets, but we can do bangles and cuffs. Finally, most pendants and brooches can be duplicated.

How close to the original are your duplications?

It depends on what we are basing the design on. Designs where the original item is physically present during the design work are the best since we can take measurements and see intricate details in person. These designs are typically 95% or higher close to the original. For design based off pictures, the new design will look similar but not exact. The reason for this is we have no way of telling the size of the piece or its diamonds/gemstones. We will use our expertise to estimate measurements from the picture, but we don’t offer any guarantees.

Almost all duplicated jewelry pieces look the same from a distance of a few feet.

Why Should I Choose Bespoke Fine Jewelry?


You talk directly to a Bespoke representative to create the special custom jewelry piece. This way the finished product looks exactly how you envisioned it. No surprises here.


Your friendly, dedicated Bespoke representative will guide you through the design process making it easy and fun for you. Plus, enjoy the convenience of Bespoke coming to your location- local coffee shop, work place, etc.- saving you time and hassle.


No hidden fees or extra costs. We will be within 10% of the estimate we give you; although, almost all of our projects so far have come in right near the initial quote.


Our typical custom turn-around time is 12 – 15 business days. This sure beats waiting around for the 6 – 8 weeks that some jewelry stores take to finish your custom piece.

Peace of Mind

We strive to provide you with the highest level of service, professionalism, and honest communication throughout your custom design journey. We have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.  You can also read some of our customer’s thoughts on our Google reviews here.

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