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Fair Trade Montana Amethyst

Love the color purple? Enjoy larger pieces of jewelry? Like responsibly mined, fair trade gemstones? Then amethyst is the perfect gemstone for you. Amethyst offers beautiful hues of purple along with large carat size at a relatively inexpensive price while being American mined.
Although sapphire and tanzanite come in shades of purple, amethyst is the most common gemstone associated with the color purple. The deeper the purple the more valuable the stone with the finest quality being a strong reddish purple or purple that is consistent throughout the entire stone. Don’t be fooled by gemstones called “green amethyst”. Amethyst by pure definition is a purple variety of quartz. Thus, if you see “green amethyst”, it really is mislabeled green quartz. It still may be a very nice gemstone, but the labeling is misleading.
Once as expensive as diamonds or emeralds, amethyst is now very affordable. The main reason for the shift from high value to common man affordable came when a large deposit was discovered in Brazil in the 1700s. Now the price per carat only increases slightly with carat weight allowing you to have stunning, large size amethysts without breaking the bank.
One of the downsides is that amethyst is easy to grown in man-made environments opening the market to be flooded with synthetic, low value gemstones. One solution to ensuring that you are actually buying a natural amethyst is to purchase Montana amethyst. These American mined stones are natural and beautiful that have been responsibly mined and cut and ensure fair trade. We would be happy to assist you in creating a stunning semi-custom or custom jewelry piece with a Montana amethyst as the focal point.