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Custom Ring Design Example

Mike’s Custom Ring Experience

Told By An Actual Client

Hi, I’m “Mike”. I’m a 24 year old young guy who is in love with this beautiful gal named “Liz” who I met while in college.

I want to spend the rest of my life with her, so I decided it is time to propose. However, I do not want just any ring. I want a ring that will truly capture my immense love for Liz.

While talking with a friend I learn that Bespoke Fine Jewelry offers custom jewelry design that is inexpensive, fun, and easy. A couple days later I schedule a meeting with a Bespoke representative. The following is the design process I went through for Liz’s engagement ring:

Designing the Ring 

An Overview of Mike’s Design Process
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My Sketch of Liz’s Custom Ring

Step 1: Initial Design Meeting

I meet with Jon, a Bespoke representative, at a local coffee shop by me. After Jon walks me through what to expect during the custom design process, I describe how I envision Liz’s ring to look: A princess cut center diamond held by two twist that have princess cut diamond accents down the band. Inside the band would be my and her birthstones and the words “Forever & Always”. I even came with a sketch of the ring- something that is helpful but not needed. (I’m a bit of a self-proclaimed perfectionist so I wanted to draw something out before Bespoke did!)

Step 2: CAD Design

After selecting the center diamond and verifying with me the details of the ring’s design, Bespoke designers create a CAD drawling from the sketch that I drew along with Jon’s notes.

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CAD Design of Liz’s Engagement Ring

Step 3 – 4: Review and Approve CAD Design; Cast and Finish Ring

 After a few small adjustments to the CAD design, I approve it. Bespoke craftsman then create a mold for the ring from the CAD design and cast the ring. Next, the diamonds and birthstones are hand-set and the ring is polished. The final step is to engrave “Forever & Always” between the birthstones.

Step 5: Ring Delivery

 With much excitement and anticipation, I meet with Jon to see the finished custom ring.

…And, I love it!!!

The ring is just how I wanted it to look. In my own words, “I wasn’t sure what to expect since all I had going into the design process was an idea/image in my head. But, all doubt was removed once I saw the completed ring. It is exactly what I wanted! I am so happy with how it turned out!”

Finished Product 

Just How Mike Envisioned It
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Top View

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Side View

engraving in custom ring, custom engagement ring with birthstones

Inside View