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Cushion Cut Diamonds


cushion cut diamond

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are becoming more and more popular due to their unique shape and faceting. However, not all cushion cut diamonds are alike.

Bespoke Fine Jewelry offers cushion brilliant diamonds  which are cushion cut diamonds that have very similar faceting arrangements as round brilliant cut diamonds. The facets in the pavilion (or bottom “pointy” part) of a cushion brilliant extend from the center of the diamond outward towards the girdle (outer edge of top of diamond), resembling a star. A cushion brilliant contains larger facets and does not have a “crushed ice” look. Rather, they resemble the appearance of a round cut diamond with a pillow like or cushion shape. Now you don’t have to compromise the amazing brilliance and sparkle of a round brilliant to get the cushion shape you love.

Start designing your custom cushion brilliant engagement ring today!