Art Deco Engagement Rings and Jewelry

We love creating vintage-inspired jewelry- particularly custom art deco engagement rings. Art deco style jewelry combines the flair of vintage with one-of-a-kind designs that make a statement.  These are not your typical seen-that-before, off-the-shelf pieces of jewelry. Our hand-crafted custom …

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Replace Your Stolen Ring or Jewelry

  The unthinkable has happened: your ring was stolen. After contacting the police, visiting local pawn shops, alerting your friends on Facebook, and looking on eBay, it seems like your jewelry is gone forever. Now what do you do? One …

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French Cut Pavé Rings

You’ve probably heard of a pavé setting before, but what is a French cut pavé setting? French cut pavé or French pavé (also sometimes seen as French set) is a way of setting accent diamonds to achieve the maximum amount of light exposure to …

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