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Art Deco Engagement Rings and Jewelry


We love creating vintage-inspired jewelry- particularly custom art deco engagement rings. Art deco style jewelry combines the flair of vintage with one-of-a-kind designs that make a statement.  These are not your typical seen-that-before, off-the-shelf pieces of jewelry. Our hand-crafted custom rings, necklaces, and earrings are pieces of art. Attention-grabbing, mouth-dropping jewelry that people will talk about for days after a social gathering.

What Is Art Deco Jewelry?

Now to answer the question, “what exactly is art deco jewelry?”.  The art deco period commenced at the end of the art nouveau period in 1910 and lasted until 1935 as rumblings of World War 2 started. Out were the intricate, nature-inspired, pretty-for-the-sake-of-pretty art nouveau designs, and in came big, bold geometrical designs aimed at making a statement. Although intricate filigree was a common element in art deco styles, rarely would you have seen a setting one would dare call “dainty”. Unlike art nouveau’s yellow gold, the art deco period’s metal of choice was either white gold or platinum with platinum being the most popular in high-end jewelry.

Art deco jewelry designs were geometrical, and their gemstones were cut specifically for the design instead of intrigrating common size and shapes of diamonds and gemstones. The Asscher cut, emerald cut, baguette cut, and other geometric diamond and gemstone cuts were mainstays. As was the use of halos of stones around a main diamond and setting stone pavé style. It was common practice for colored gemstones like emeralds, blue sapphires, and rubies to appear along side of large diamonds. This contrast in color added to the desired impact and statement of the piece. Thus, if a ring has a geometrical design with custom cut gemstones set in white gold or platinum, it most likely is an art deco style ring.

Art Deco Rings We’ve Created

One of our clients wanted an art deco engagement ring with an emerald cut emerald center stone surrounded by diamonds. What better way to do this than in true art deco fashion?!  A traditional octagonal shaped, vertically set emerald was just too… well, traditional and ordinary. Thus, we custom cut the emerald to a 7×7 mm square and set it on its side to form a “diamond-shape”. To keep with the step-cut theme of the emerald we chose straight baguette diamonds for the halo. We custom cut the rectangular straight baguettes to fit wflush next to each other in a square octagon pattern. To bring it all together, the ring’s galley continues the geometric theme with lattice metal work and two round diamonds set in the band on each side of the halo. And, again in true art deco fashion, we crafted the setting in platinum.

Another example of art deco jewelry that we recently created was duplicating a client’s ring. The stand out feature of the ring is a solid piece of lapis lazuli encompassing the center cluster of diamonds. This also proved to be the most complicated aspect of replicating the piece.  Our search for lapis lazuli with a similar blue-tone and matrix pattern lead us to India. After flying it back to the states, we custom cut the stone – not easy because of how soft it is- to the original’s shape and style. With the hard part behind us, we set the stones. The client elected to change the original ring’s large diamonds to colorless moissanite while keeping genuine diamonds for the smaller stones. The ring’s mix of white and yellow gold veers from traditional art deco styling; however,  the original designer most likely selected yellow gold because it compliments the yellow matrix in the lapis lazuli.

Original Ring

Original Ring

art deco ring, lapis lazuli and diamond art deco ring, art deco engagement ring

Duplicated Ring

lapis lazuli and diamond ring, art deco jewelry

Duplicated Ring

More Examples of Our Work

Below are more examples of art deco style rings that we have created. We look forward to helping you create your own ring soon.

art deco engagement ring, marquise side stone art deco engagement ring, bezel and fish prong engagement ring

Select Photo Credit: BePelky Photography and Ooi Images.