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Fake to Fine: Make Costume Jewelry into Real Jewelry

recreate fake jewelry to real jewelry

Costume Jewelry Original

costume jewelry to real jewelry, replicate costume jewelry

Costume Jewelry Original

recreate costume jewelry, custom costume jewelry

Fine Jewelry Replica

Fine Jewelry Replica

     Costume jewelry is a wonderful way to expand your jewelry collection. You are able to get great looking, trendy jewelry without straining your bank account. But then it happens. You fall in love with a ring that is starting to turn colors.  Or, worse yet, it turns the color of your finger.  You love your ring, but not the green skin it causes. What do you do?
The Costume Jewelry Solution
     A great solution is to have your fake jewelry turned into fine jewelry. We can transform most costume rings, pendants, or earrings into beautiful, long-lasting pieces of jewelry. Some of our clients decide to replicate their low-end jewelry into high-end pieces. These item will be crafted using 14K or 18K white/yellow/rose gold, platinum, or palladium and set with semi-precious,  precious gemstones, and/or diamonds. Others wish to go the more economical route of sterling silver or 10K white/yellow/rose gold with lab-created gemstones, cubic zirconia, or moissanite. (The best diamond alternative, in our opinion) No matter the materials, we will create a stunning, high quality jewelry piece that will last for years to come. Plus, no skin turning side effects!
 A Real Life Example
     We recently helped a gentleman who’s girlfriend’s favorite “fake” ring was letting her down. The ring’s face was maintaining its proper silver-tone; however, the sides and bottom had changed to a copper-tone. Thus, he contacted us to have a real version of the ring created. After reviewing his material options, he decided on a rhodium plated sterling silver setting and cubic zirconia stones.  Upon receiving the ring, we created a CAD rendering. (We can also recreate most jewelry from pictures)  The image allowed him to see the finished ring’s design and provided an opportunity to make any changes. Once he approved the CAD, we crafted the new ring. Finally,  we shipped the finished ring to him.  Here are his thoughts upon receiving it:
 “You did a beautiful, beautiful job in re-duplicating my girl friend’s ring… and your professional and meticulous handling of this re-creation, from our initial phone conversation to final delivery, was beyond superb. The pride of craftsmanship and work “Bespeaks” volumes about you and your company.” – Steve, Los Angeles, CA


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